Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY Curtain Additions

When it came to a nursery for Baby Edmo 2, I looked and looked for a bedding set and just couldn't settle on one that I liked that met our budget. I finally decided to just re-cover Sawyer's old bumper, and then make my own bed skirt, curtains, and etc.

This was easier said than done, especially when it came to curtains.

With saving money in mind, I found fabrics I liked but then realized that for four panels of curtains that would fit the floor to ceiling windows in the nursery, I would need fabric that measured over 14 x 18 feet... and the fabric I liked was almost $10/yard. so that wasn't happening. And I wanted to make them blackout curtains since the windows face the front of the house which is where the sun rises and there's a giant street light. With all that, I decided to just purchase some blackout panels that coordinated with my fabric and then add my fabric to the curtains almost like an attached valance, to make them match the rest of the nursery.

purchased blackout curtains

fabric to add (Jill McDonald - On Track Metropolis)

1. Layout your curtains and iron them out so that they are completely straight (helps in measuring accuracy for your fabric). Now layout your fabric over the curtain, ironing it as well so that it lays flat over the curtain in the area where you want the fabric to cover. 

2. Cut your fabric to the desired length/width, leaving enough hangover on the edges that is can be wrapped around to the back, about an inch or so. 

3. Using the Heat 'n Bond tape, iron a strip close to the edge of your fabric for the full length of the fabric at the top and bottom. For my brand of Heat 'n Bond, I had to apply heat for 2 seconds. 

4. Once your strip has cooled, remove the paper backing and place your fabric where you want it on the curtain. Then iron over the fabric, bonding it to the curtain. My brand of Heat 'n Bond required 6 seconds of heat application. Remember to leave about an inch of fabric over the edge to be wrapped later

You'll note that the fabric has a rough edge to the fabric, don't worry we're going to cover that mess with some ribbon!

5. Measure your ribbon that will cover the rough edges to once again be the length of the curtain with about an inch extra on each end. Apply a strip of Heat 'n Bond to the ribbon then iron, allow to cool and peel away paper. Iron the ribbon onto the curtain so that it covers the rough edge of the fabric, leaving that inch of extra on each end.

6.  Now that you have your fabric and ribbon adhered to the curtain, flip the curtain over and create a seam where you want the excess fabric & ribbon that you left on each end to wrap around the back of the curtain. Once you have your seam, unfold the edge and apply a strip of Heat 'n Bond to back of the ribbon and fabric. Once again, allow to cool then peel away the paper. Now you can iron the edges down to the back of your curtain. 

7. Hang them jokers up and admire your handy work (or iron them first so they look better than mine do in the picture). 

I used the same fabric to make a bedskirt following this tutorial


  1. Those turned out really great. I like the pop of the pattern at the top. Also black out drapes are so worth the money- I love them as an adult and I'm sure your little boy will sleep so much better.