Friday, August 29, 2014

Your first home football game might be tomorrow if...

  • You had to legit make a list of when to start prepping food, just so you have ample time to have it all ready, yet still tasting fresh while allowing yourself enough time to get ready for the game in the morning. It's a process, y'all. 

  • After gulping down your morning orange juice quickly because you were running late, you had the sudden urge to put the empty cup on the edge of the table and flip it at lightning speed.

just your average 9am game of flipcup last year...

  • Your first text message of the morning was this:

  • You have checked the clock all morning willing it to say 5pm so you can go home and get this party started. 

  • You've known what game day outfit you're going to wear since forever (or since you ordered it offline/bought it at a local boutique), but you found yourself laying it out on the bed this morning just to make sure it still looks awesome (which it totally does). 

28 weeks pregnant + 92 degrees = maxi dress

  • You've been stalking your athletics/equipment/college radio social media sites for updates. 

  • You're dressed in game day colors today (which is basically every Friday around here since we always #paintitpurple). 

  • You and your friends have texted all morning, finalizing plans even though they've been decided on for months. 

  • Your/your husband's/your boyfriend's truck is already packed with the tent, chairs, grill and charcoal and the tailgate lot hang-tang is already in place. 


How I feel when inviting people to an East Carolina University tailgate:


  1. I completely get all of these things. :) Happy start of college football season!

  2. there is nothing comparable to US College football