Monday, August 25, 2014

Pre-K, Birthdays & Decor

We had a pretty packed Saturday! We began the day by taking a certain little mister to his preschool open house. Yes, Sawyer is somehow old enough to be starting pre-k in a week. He was a little disappointed to discover that his teacher from the pre-k camp this summer, the beloved "Miss Kathy" isn't his actual teacher for school, but seemed to like his new teacher Miss Bethany just as much.

After open house, we went to Winterville for our cousin Wallace's 3rd birthday. It was a super humid day but we all enjoyed some outdoor fun anyway with Sawyer especially loving Wallace's pirate ship!

full view of the Pirate ship (obviously not taken Saturday)
After Wallace's party, we headed home, packed an overnight bag for Sawyer and sent him to hang out with my folks while me and Josh went to celebrate our friend Kate's 30th birthday Dos Taquitos in Raleigh.
Y'all, it was amazing.

We joked about how dark it was inside (thanks to it being lit by string lights and lanterns) but the food was so authentic and delicious. I had the tostadas (and two helpings of guacamole along with a giant bowl of fried ice cream) and could have licked my bowl.

Kate obviously loving her complimentary birthday shot

Kate & Hope
me and Kate

Sunday after church and lunch I squeezed a little time in to hang some stuff in Sawyer's room and nursery!

While we still have about 10 to 13 weeks until little homie makes his arrival, our weekends are about to be super busy with football (hollla), so I have been stressed about getting some things done in the nursery. (sorry for the crappy pics, I was obviously feeling too lazy to grab my camera instead of my phone). 

the verse in the middle picture (under the cars) is Joshua 1:9, the print to the right is of the lyrics to the John Lennon song "Beautiful Boy".

I recovered an old lamp shade and re-painted its base (expect a DIY on that lampshade soon) then created the little race track "B". While the "sunshine" print doesn't really go along with our "transportation" theme, it was a song that my Mema Kay sang to me all the time when I was little so I wanted to include it in our boys nurseries. 

Since we are obviously doing a lot in the baby's new room, we decided to make sure Sawyer gets his equal share and put up some new shelves in his room too! Josh made these with some wood and some kind of plumbers piping!

So, how was your weekend?


  1. The nursery looks so great! I love how it's coming along. That pirate ship is INSANE, you actually know someone who owns that?!