Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Shenans

Y’all, I swear I am going to get back into blogging more regularly. But today, I shall re-hash this weekends shenanigans by linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans! Let me tell you, things got crazy.

Friday night started with a wild party… with a mickey mouse theme… for little Colton’s first birthday at our friends Dana & Bradley’s house. 

There was some mackin’ at the party... Sawyer took this chance to kiss on his new girlfriend, Ella – my friend Hope’s little 3-week-old baby girl. 

 Then as we were leaving, Sawyer informed Bradley that his “ bean bag boards are uggy” (don’t know where he would have gotten the idea to say that… Go Pirates!)

We had a busy Saturday which involved a HUGE grocery shopping trip…. for groceries. I re-organized our pantry and freezer and planned out meals for like three weeks, then bought two carts worth of groceries.

But then I came home, watched Josh & Sawyer build a big tent in the living room, painted my nails and watched She’s the Man.

Remember when Amanda Bynes was normal? Oh and when Channing Tatum was this young… and this bad of an actor?

I rounded off the crazy Saturday by folding a mountain of clothes and then finally had a chance to catch up on some blog reading!

Sunday was sadly spent in the bed thanks to a nasty cold that attached our entire house followed by me planning out my outfits for the week to avoid stumbling around at 5:45am trying to throw something on. 

How was your weekend?


  1. that's such a good idea to plan your outfits for the week. i try to do mine every night before i go to bed. if i don't i swear i will just stand looking at my clothes for a good 15 to 20 minutes wondering what the hay i'm gonna wear. i swear sometimes it's just so hard. lol

    oh and the cake and cupcakes are adorable. the icing looks delish!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!! We were able to soak up some wonderful sunshine at the beach. I love your monogrammed t's do you buy them and then get them done at a local place? or buy them from a store that monograms? hope your new job is going well.

  3. umm I LOVE She's The Man! I laugh soooo hard everytime haha

  4. I am absolutely going to try planning out my outfits like that! I am such a mess in the morning