Monday, July 15, 2013

3 weeks later....

Oh hey, remember me?

Sorry it’s been so long (yikes, over 3 weeks). My last few days at the school district were anything but relaxing since I had to launch the new district website before I left, then I started the new job and realized “oh hey, my internet at home is courtesy of the wireless hot spot on my work cell phone and I no longer have that” so blogging was a little difficult.. you know, without internet. But I am back (thanks to a new phone).

Monday was my first day at my new job. I admit that while I was extraordinarily excited about this new adventure I was also very nervous. I am definitely out of my element considering that the last three years of my life were spent in a big building surrounded by about 30 women with only 3 guys in the whole place, two of which (who were my favorite people) were out in the warehouse, and our district had around 1000 employees in total. At DuckRabbit, there are 8 employees including me, and I am the only girl.

My new office space is also very different. It is shared between me and the owner, is where the bathroom and refrigerator are housed, and also holds the only exit/entrance to the brewery (besides the tasting room door). Quite a longshot from the brand-spanking-new computer with dual monitors and all the gadgets I could ever need inside of an air-conditioned space all to myself that I’m used to.

It is also un-air-conditioned and un-organized, but the un-organized part is the reason I’m there!
my "computer" and piles of sorted papers
the boss' side of the office.... which need some work.

But you know what else DuckRabbit doesn't have? A million late-night meetings, hair-pulling stress (so far), a mandatory work cell phone to be answered at all times or reporters!

I have been pumped each morning to put on a pair of jeans & a sleevless shirt or t-shirt with my Jack Rogers versus the suits, dresses & heels of which my work wardrobe used to consist. Since I’m leaving the house at 6:30am, I've started laying my weeks-worth of clothes out on Sundays so I don’t make a lot of noise OR stumble around when I get up in the mornings.  
clothes sorted by day with matching jewelry in ziplock baggies #OCDproblems
new work "uniform" lots of monogrammed t-shirts. 
With a new job, also comes some more new changes. I've been packing my lunch every day (pretty easy since now I won’t have several friends who lunch out every day and since restaurant choices will be a little more limited) so we’re saving some money (and I’m eating better). AND when I get off at 3 I’ve been hitting the gym as soon as I get back to Tarboro. With no more late night meetings or pro-longed hours at work, eating dinner earlier and at home is so much easier!

Also, I have really delved into researching grant opportunities, restoration incentives and locations for my dream of one day turning an old tobacco barn or stable into an events venue. Yes, seriously.

I’ve started getting things together to study for the GRE too, in hopes of attending grad school online next spring.

Hopefully, I am about to get back into the blogging habit, too.


  1. I am sure you will have the new office looking amazing soon.

  2. Glad you are loving the new job. Please please please make that event space happen... I will get married there! I love that idea, and we are so limited around here with event space options.