Monday, July 29, 2013

six years of change

Six years ago yesterday, Joshua asked me to marry him after a little over two years of dating (read about his very non-mushy proposal here).

While the amount of time that has passed since then shocks me, the other thing that surprises me is just how much our "plans" have changed in that span of time.

In those 6 years since we got engaged, some pretty typical things such as losing family members, changing jobs, moving and gaining weight and all that kind of stuff happened - but our paths have also changed.

When we got engaged, I was about to enter my junior year of college. I was interning at "Her Magazine" (which worked out so well since my amazing boss Jane asked me to chronicle my wedding planning in a column called "June Bride") and planning on pursuing a career in journalism.

I also had plans of graduating in May 2009 from ECU. But instead, I pushed myself super hard by taking a ton of hours and lots of summer classes so I could graduate early in December 2008 instead so Josh & I could go ahead and get hitched (I wanted to be done with school and off my parents payroll before we started our life as husband & wife). My plan was to stay on at The Daily Reflector and become a reporter....

Plans changed. The newspaper business took a turn for the worse. Instead of hiring people, the paper was sending people out the door with their offices packed into boxes.

I finally got into the newsroom after almost a year of working as a sales rep at a small newspaper at home... and realized maybe being a reporter wasn't for me. I liked features-style writing about happenings, fashion, people, etc. not reporting about town meetings and police reports. I also discovered that I loved layout design and Adobe Creative Suite.

Plans changed again. I left the paper and took a job in communications and public relations. Loved job, loved co-workers (for the most part) and loved that I got to plan events, design promo materials and coordinate fund-raising for great campaigns... but hated controlling crises, having two cell phones (one which I wasn't allowed to turn off) and late, late, late nights away from my family.

Dreams changed I decided I wanted to turn that event planning love into a career and also wanted more time at home with Josh & Sawyer (who was another plan change since we wanted to wait awhile before having kids... a good kind of "oops"). So, I left the PR job and took my current position at DuckRabbit  where I can leave work at 3, and really leave work not take it with me and also have time to start planning for my dream.

Other things that have changed are my goals. I would have given anything to get out of Edgecombe County, now I am trying my hardest to stay here and help this place grow, as is my amazing husband who is working as hard as he can as the Director of Planning for our new town, Tarboro (just 15 minutes from where we grew up, same county) to bring changes, foster growth in older and new businesses and to KEEP PEOPLE HERE.

But you know what has stayed the same in those 6 years? How in love I am with this amazing man who I am blessed enough to call my husband. Actually, that has changed a little too since I find myself loving him more and more each day. But, I am so happy that despite all the changes in our lives since July 28, 2007, he has been my constant cheerleader, confidant and rock.

Our first summer of dating in 2005 to this current summer.


  1. It is SO crazy how much things can change, even in a year! It's awesome to see that throughout everything, love stays consistent and only grows. Happy Anniversary!

  2. It's so amazing how things can change! We can plan out the way we want things to go, but ultimately, God always has something even better in store. Happy anniversary of your engagement!

  3. It really is crazy how much things can change but for the better! God always knows what He's doing!

  4. What a sweet and awesome post :) It's crazy how much things can change, planned and unplanned! Happy engagement anniversary!