Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4 day weekends are boss

Because of our 4-10 schedule at work, yours truly had a 4 day weekend.
I should have used said time to do things I've been putting off like painting out kitchen island/breakfast bar or cleaning the tiles in our bathroom, but instead I did absolutely nothing productive.
Actually, I did manage to push the vacuum cleaner around Saturday morning, but that was because I knew my family was coming over to watch the Macclesfield fireworks from my yard and I didn't want the mountain of Sookie hair on the floors to scare them away.
Friday I slept until 1pm then went over to my parent's house to visit my sister. Dee is home from boarding school until the first week in August when she goes to camp before returning to school, so I want to spend as much time with her as I can before she returns to Durham.
Saturday I got up at 9am (Sookie sneezed directly in my face, thus ending all thoughts of slumber) and vacuumed before getting ready and watching "Grown Ups" with Joshua. After the movie we headed to my parents' house where we enjoyed hamburgers & bratwursts with my family and Josh's parents on the back porch, watching the golfers finish their tournament as we ate. Of course afterward we went back to our house to watch the fireworks from our lounge chairs right in the back yard. Sookie was NOT a fan.
Sunday was standard with church, lunch at Mema's (chicken pastry - how much more American can you get?), a looonnnnggg nap then dinner at Josh's grandma's.
Monday was pretty lazy too, I just went to the movies with my family and saw "The Last Airbender".
All in all, a great relaxing, low-key weekend. The best part is that this week is only a 3-day week, then the next week (July 11-16) I'll be in Charlotte for a NSPRA convention and the week after that I only work on Monday before heading to Emerald Isle with the ENTIRE T.Hall clan.

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