Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm back and with good news & a promise

I am back from a brief hiatus. And I have news. Surprising news.

I can't believe I am actually typing this but...Josh and I are going to be parents. I am 9 weeks pregnant, baby due February 26. Seriously.
We kept it a secret for awhile since I HATE when girls jump on Facebook the day they get a positive pee stick and are all "I'm going to be a MOM!!". I don't think some people realize how fragile a pregnancy can be and how horrible it would be to miscarry then have the whole world asking you "how far along are you" because they saw what you put on fbook.
It is kind of a surprise for Josh and I, we hadn't planned on starting a family this early. But we know that God has a plan, so we're excited.
I've had night sickness that recently morphed into all-day sickness and I have never been more tired in my life (even when I had mono).

The little blob inside the pink circle is our little raspberry-sized baby. He/She had a heart rate of 166 and measured 1.29 cm.

So please keep Josh and I in your prayers as our little blob of baby turns into an actual human. I have had issues in the past with cysts and other fun things, so I am hoping everything goes well and we're trusting God to take care of me and future baby Edmondson.

Now, despite being pregnant I solemnly swear to NOT turn this blog into a dumping station for complaints about feeling nauseous or a place where I talk about the joys of being a soon-to-be mother and what not. While I will probably talk a little about the trials of puking all day, not enjoying things I usually do (like sweet tea) and how ill I am at the world because of hormones, I won't make the entire blog about it. I promise.

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