Saturday, July 17, 2010

yes, i am seriously blogging on a Saturday, pull your jaw off the floor

While at the NSPRA conference I noticed something. We, as a society, have become standing ovation sluts.
We give those things away like chicken nugget samples at Chick-Fil-A.
Not everyone deserves an audience of people erratically clapping as they rise from their seats.
So how do you decide when someone deserves a standing ovation?
I have no idea.
But I do know that the following people do not deserve one (in my opinion):
1) People accepting awards that give a one-minute long "thanks I appreciate it" speech
2) Valedictorians (unless their speech is about overcoming some great feat like being born without vital organs or some other adversity)
3) Paid speakers at events. Sorry, no. You were paid to write a speech, therefore my standing ovation is unnecessary
and the following may cause some controversy...
4) Michael Jackson. Great singer or not HE MOLESTED CHILDREN! come on people.
5) The Jena 6. Now, I do not think that the things that went on at Jena High School should have gone unpunished. But 6 males should not be applauded for ALMOST BEATING ONE BOY TO DEATH. I don't care what color the people on each side of the fight were, or what the boy did to warrant such a reaction. At the BET Awards that year, those boys presented an award, and the audience stood and applauded as they came on stage. People. Seriously. According to the school's superintendent in an interview with CNN, the attack on the guy was a "premeditated ambush and attack by six students against one. The victim attacked was beaten and kicked into a state of bloody unconsciousness."

Let's raise our standards for standing ovations. Not every joe-somebody that accepts an award, gives a speech or walks up on a stage deserves me putting whatever I am holding my lap down long enought to stand up and applaud their existence.

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