Monday, July 19, 2010

Football season, 55 days and counting

If you grew up in or around Greenville, North Carolina, you have hopefully been to an East Carolina University football game.
Being a Pirate fan is more like a religion than a hobby. We bleed purple & gold and nothing comes between us and a game. We sit through rain, sleet, freezing wind and scorching heat to watch our Pirates plow the opposing team into the ground or win a C-USA Championship (which we did last year as seen below).

Liberty Bowl bound [shut up, I know we lost]

We have all memorized the chants, know exactly what part of "Purple Haze" signals the Pirates to explode from the pirate ship/locker room and have trained others in the art of cheering for a football team. In fact, Josh and I even used "Purple Haze" as our announcement song at our wedding reception.

Purple Haze.

Not only are we die-hard about the game, we are also hard core about tailgating. We have turned the pastime into an art form. It's always been a saying that "Win or Lose, We Still Booze" or "We pre-game harder than you party" and etc. Tailgates come complete with Pirate flags flying high over truck beds, giant grills, coolers galore and more than enough purple & gold to go around. You can expect to see a few people stumbling their way into the stadium and more than your fair share of beer pong, flip cup or corn-hole games being played.

flipcup at its finest

a little tailgate in Charlotte for the VT game in 2007

I try to explain to other people what it is like to be a Pirate football fan, and I can never do it justice. Being an ECU grad and growing up with a proud ECU alumnus for a dad has led me to love being a part of such a tradition. I think that is why I failed to enjoy UNC-W (besides me failing so many classes for spending more time at the beach than the library). The school by the sea had no football team, so I had no real connection with being a Seahawk. I was so happy to join my fellow Pirates at ECU in 2006, so I could attend the games as student, not a visitor.

My handsome/dorky husband tailgating

So, I can hardly wait to fly our "No Quarter, No Mercy" flags and sing "Hoist the Colors" at the top my lungs come September 5th, and I can't wait to do so along great friends and the thousands of Pirate fans that are going to fill Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium to see how our new coach is going to coach this year's Pirates, ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! :)

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