Thursday, July 15, 2010

i'm back.

sorry for the blogging hiatus, wireless was WAY too expensive to use at the Westin while I was at the conference and my BlackBerry didn't want to cooperate.
I will be away AGAIN next week from Tuesday-Friday so you've only got me today, tomorrow & Monday.

But I had a great time at the NSPRA (National School Public Relations Association) conference. I met tons of new people and connected with several other NC PR people. The seminars left me with new ideas for the website, our press releases and other ways of interacting with the media and our community.
One of my favorite parts of the conference was staying in the Westin.
I love hotels. I love people-watching in the lobby and making up stories about the people I see walking by. I also loved having an entire king-sized bed to myself and a nice room that wasn't filled with dog hair.

This was my room (you can see that Pooh Bear had already made himself at home on the pillow)

The two giant windows were amazing and my city view was great I could see both the cityscape...

....and the Bank of America stadium where the ECU Pirates beat Virginia Tech in 2007 (arrrghhhh! :D )

My shower head was equally amazing.

However, my main issue was with the TV. It got around 40 channels, including 4 ESPN's, but didn't get MTV or ABC Family. Meaning I missed Fantasy Factory, The Hills, The City, Pretty Little Liars & Secret Life. But I wouldn't have seen them anyway since we were at events every night. I'll talk about the awesome venues in tomorrow's blog :)

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