Thursday, July 1, 2010

YoW #4

On August 1, my cousin Carla got married when my knee was feeling its worst.
Carla and Bryan were married at our church and their reception was at the country club. I was on crutches throughout the weeks between our weddings, but being her matron of honor meant I HAD to make a trip down that aisle SANS crutches and hold her flowers, fix her train and what-not. No matter what.
And she had PLENTY of train to fix. Even though Carla is not super-girly, her dress was SO fancy. It was satin and had beautiful detailing and pleating around the waist. However, all that satin was incredibly heavy.
So I did the ugliest bridesmaid walk known to man (a mix between a pimp-walk & a hunchback) and was thankful that the groom is a policeman so all his groomsmen were strong men in blue. I've heard the wedding video brings lots of laughs when I begin my journey down the aisle.
Carla looked beautiful and her reception was great, or what I saw of it from my seat. The sight of her dancing with her daddy (my uncle, who is usually very un-emotional and stern) brought tears to my eyes.

Trying to get Carla situated in her giant slip

Me, Mema Dean and my sister Dee

The bridal party.

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