Tuesday, September 23, 2014

70 to 41. Yes, 70.

This past Saturday, our East Carolina University Pirates spanked the University of North Carolina Tarheels 70 to 41. At one point our stadium was actually chanting "we want 70" before we brought the score up.

Sawyer joined us in tailgating (me and him came at 12:30p while everyone else started around 9:30a).

John's parents got a life-size Pirate and Sawyer was obsessed with it!
We also taught Sawyer the art of flip cup (with Sprite) #parentsoftheyear.

I tried two new recipes and they were awesome. I made Skinny Banana Nutella Dip with pie-crust dippers (next time, I'd probably just use Nilla Wafers) and Taco Crescents, however I did the taco crescents a little differently, so I'll be posting about that recipe soon!

Once we got into Dowdy Ficklen, Sawyer really enjoyed the pre-game show, watching the band, cheering for Pee Dee the Pirate and singing the fight song... but about 10 minutes into the first quarter he was done. I tried my best to get him to just go out with me and let Josh stay in and enjoy the game, but ohhh nooo homie was not about leaving his daddy.

Josh has a weird new tradition where he takes his shoes off during the warm-ups, such a weirdo

So, we got to see ECU's first touch-down, UNC's answering touch-down and then in the truck we went. Thankfully the first quarter lasted forever so when we made it home we got to watch the rest of the game on TV (which totally isn't the same) but better a Pirate at home than not a Pirate at all.

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