Thursday, September 18, 2014

What I wish I could wear during the fall..

Fall weather always makes me happy because (in my opinion) boots & scarves make any outfit amazing. It's so easy to throw on a cardigan or scarf, or layer different patterns to make a blah outfit more awesome when the weather is cooler!

However... there are some fall outfits that I adore and wish I could wear but because of my body shape (not my current pregnant one, the regular, everyday curvy one) and because I am extraordinarily hot natured, I cannot. For example:

The buttoned-up oxford with a statement necklace outfit
I adore this look. A nice patterned button-up with a coordinating necklace is such a classic ensemble... if you don't have big boobs. If you're busty, those top three buttons are basically un-button-able, and gape open and cling on for dear life if you try. So therefore a statement necklace goes unseen, tucked under the collar of your button-up while you rock a camisole underneath with those buttons completely open.

The layered sweater over a button-up look
I sweat. A lot. And in the fall, it is still in the upper 60s usually in eastern NC. So this look and basically all layers are impossible for me because I get all sweaty & gross (which I wrote an entire post entitled Too Sweaty for Fashion about one time). Not to mention a bunch of layers makes me look very fluffy.

Because my hips are a little too wide for the vest to actually zip that the bottom unless I buy a giant one but then what's the point?  And again, a partially un-buttoned oxford underneath an open vest looks sloppy. 


Not only do I have hard time with big floppy fall hats but also those super cute scrunchy beanie things too. How do other people look so cute in hats and I feel like I look like I'm trying way too hard in them? Also, can I get this chic's hair and thigh gap?

Are there any fall looks you wish you could rock?


  1. I love all of these trends and sadly feel like I can't pull a few off myself. I love button downs but the majority of them are way too long on me and then can't button over my hips! Also I want to know the trick of not looking fluffy when layering items because I can't do that either! I am convinced her super skinny legs are photo-shopped and I would be a hot tangled mess with all that hair!! Thanks so much this post made me smile!