Thursday, September 4, 2014

don't "weave" me

Wednesday morning, Josh & I left a screaming Sawyer in the arms of his new preschool teacher. It was heartbreaking.

Homie had been battling a nasty cold since Sunday along with a fever up until Tuesday morning, so we had debated on even letting him go, but when Wednesday came and he was holding strong at 98.6, we made the decision to send him on. He was still cranky and a little sniffly, but finally had some of his 3.5-year-old energy back.

Preschool starts at 9am and runs until 12pm, Monday through Friday, so our amazing babysitter, Mrs. Debbie (or "B" as everyone calls her) will be the one taking him and picking him up every day, but since it was his first day Josh and I decided to take some time off work and drop him off.

Josh went on to the office while I got Sawyer ready in his new little school bus tshirt (from my friend Caroline's shop) and tried to get some pictures of him with his little backpack (from Stitched & Stamped on Etsy).

Which didn't go well at all.

throwing pine straw at me...

After the failed photoshoot, we headed to Josh's office and got ready to go together to Pre-K.

"helping" daddy at work
Sawyer immediately started saying, "Y'all aren't going to leave me are you?" when we pulled up to the church and we kept telling him we'd stay for a little while. He found his little cubby for his backpack, walked into the room and sat down to play with the "quiet time" toy that was at his table and we thought this is going to be easy!

We were wrong. 

When the time came for us to walk out the door, he went into a full-on panic attack. He cried, grabbed hold of Josh and didn't want us to go. When we finally pried ourselves away and started down the hallway, here comes Sawyer running after us saying, "Don't 'weave' me!!!!". 

We had to hand over our tearful munchkin to his teacher Mrs. Bethany, and not look back.

Mrs. Bethany said he calmed down about 10 minutes later and had a good rest of the morning, and Josh took his lunch hour to pick Sawyer up and take him out to a special daddy-Sawyer lunch before taking him to the babysitter's house for the rest of the day.

Here's hoping he does better this morning for Mrs. Debbie!


  1. Awww what a little stinker in the those photos. I'm sure it must have been rough but thankfully he calmed down after 10 minutes and enjoyed the rest of his day.

  2. Awww poor little guy!! I'm glad he could calm down and I bet he loved his daddy time after it :)