Thursday, September 11, 2014

Leaps of Faith

I am not the absolute bravest person. I am terrified of movies like The Ring and I roll my windows down when I go over bridges just in case I happen to crash and go over the edge into the water. But two times in my life I had big decisions to make, gave them to God, and had faith in his calling for me.

The first big decision I made that required some major faith and prayer was transferring after my freshman year of college to a new school. As you know if you have been reading my blog long, I am a very proud Pirate and East Carolina University alum (and employee now), but I didn't start out that way.
Proud Pirate
As a senior in high school, ECU was not even on my radar, not because it wasn't a great school but because I had always wanted to get away from home and ECU was 30 minutes down the road. When I got wait listed at my school of choice, UNC-Wilmington, I was devastated. I pushed myself crazy hard to get all As my senior year and took the SAT a 3rd time to get off that list and it worked! But then I got to UNCW... And didn't really like it. While I loved my roommate and made some great friends, I just didn't feel passionate about my school or like I really fit in. I spent most of my time away from campus on the beach or in my room, and my grades showed it since I earned a. 1.56 GPA my freshman year. I actually spent most of my weekends at ECU (where I swore up and down I'd never end up) with Josh and his group of friends .

I loved the atmosphere of the university and how PROUD everyone was to be part of the Pirate nation. When it came time to decide on classes for the next year of school, I had no idea what to do. I didn't want people to think I was a failure and couldn't hang in Wilmington, nor did I want people to think I was going to ECU just to be with Josh (even though he only had one more year there), So I prayed about it. I asked God to show me the path to take, and he did. When I opened the homepage at ECU one day, there was a story about some cool short stories that were published by some English majors and I not only decided to apply to the school but also change my major to English and communications (instead of marketing and Spanish). And that was all she wrote.

Another time I leaped with faith involved changing jobs. While I was a reporter for a group of small weekly papers, I started looking for other positions. I enjoyed writing but the $9/hr pay and the long hours of meetings and events weren't really my cup of tea.

I remember being so excited about this edition because I had two stories AND two awesome photos on the front page
I got interviews at 2 local daily newspapers and was offered the job at both places... But as I was on the phone listening to the voicemail from the editor at one paper, I got an email alerting me of an open position in the school system from which I graduated (ECPS) being on the OTHER side of the communications world, preparing press releases, designing marketing materials, and coordinating events. I immediately felt like it was a sign from God saying "doesn't this sound more like what you want to do?".

I turned down both jobs at the newspapers without even an interview lined up at ECPS, but I knew it was the path he meant for me and I got the job 3 weeks later. I stayed at ECPS for three years, through budget crises, a major eye-opening student death, and even survived 5 different superintendents. When I left the district last summer, I knew that while I went through a lot there, ECPS really prepared me a career in communications (even if some of the lessons I learned were learned the hard way).

I know that without my time at the school system and without transferring colleges, I would never be here in my dream job as a director of marketing at East Carolina.

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  1. Crazy how things like this just take a lot of faith and trusting our gut! It's also so scary and crazy to think how differently our lives would turn out if we just made ONE different decision!!