Wednesday, September 3, 2014

To Reunion or Not to Reunion

My high school reunion is next year, in fact the date has already been set for August 1, 2015. Part of me has always thought that I would love my reunion, seeing all my HS friends, dancing and enjoying the opportunity to dress up... But now I don't know.

First of all, that part of me that thought I would enjoy it wasn't planning on popping out a baby 10 months prior to that reunion. Second of all, most of my friends in high high school weren't actually in my class.

So now I have to decide, do I want to reunion-ize with those people who graduated with me? Will I be confident enough in my post-second-baby body to be in front of them, knowing the last time some of them saw me I weighed just shy of 120 lbs?

And also, do I want to I see them? In this day and age with social media I feel like I have pretty much stayed in some kind of touch with the people I wanted to stay in touch with. We might not talk or hang out, but I can I tell you the names of their kids, where they work, who they married, etc. 

There are a few exceptions and some people I'd really like to see. While the majority of my classmates actually stayed in Edgecombe County, there are a few that moved away who I haven't seen in years that I'd actually like to reconnect with. But most of them are right around the corner. There are a few that are just around the corner that I'd also rather not see.

There's also the fact that it might would just be fun. It's been awhile since we've had somewhere to go where we could dance without feeling old and where I felt the need to dress up. Not to mention it would be great motivation to lose that baby weight.

While I was out with my gallbladder I watched a few movies about high school reunions such as 10 Years and American Reunion and I thought yeah, maybe I will go but then realized that the reason those people had such a good time is because they were all in the same class, including their spouses.

So, I'm torn. 

Did you, or will you, go to your class reunion?


  1. It's interesting because my 10 year is supposedly in November but I haven't heard anything about it yet. I wonder about the same stuff. I pretty much talk to everyone I want to plus I'll be enormous by then so I'm leaning towards *not* going. We'll see though...I went to high school with a lot of bitches I don't feel like seeing but it would be fun to see my first love/now gay ex-boyfriend.

  2. Ours us coming up this spring and I'm planning on going. Not quite sure if I am completely looking forward to it. It's a bit different because I went to a small private school so it's easy to keep up with everyone on facebook. When I look at my classmates, I feel like I'm lagging behind because I just got married and we don't have kids. Most of my classmates married right out of high school and have 2-3 kids now. It makes me a bit jealous. I still struggle with will I look good and what will they think of me too.

  3. I don't even know if my class bothered to have one because I told my parents not to tell them how to find me or forward on anything about it. I have no interest in my classmates. My father has never been to one. But I am one of the first on the list for a sorority one.