Monday, September 8, 2014

Celebrating 80

While my husband traveled to Columbia, SC for the ECU vs. Univ. of SC game (which we sadly lost), me and Sawyer decided to stay at my parents house for the weekend. While usually we would avoid the hassle of getting someone to take care of Sookie and having to pack all our stuff to go only about 20 minutes down the road, picking Sawyer up, giving him a bath and a few other everyday tasks have become just a little difficult with this belly of mine.

Saturday was my Mema Dean's 80th birthday, so me and Sawyer went by her house to visit and play.

My Mema Dean is the most special person. She is such a fighter, beating breast cancer in '92 and lymphoma in '09 and still struggling with a heart that doesn't seem to want to stay in rhythm. We joke that she is indestructible since she is missing several organs. No appendix, no ovaries, no gallbladder, one kidney and even missing part of her lung (and one boob) - but trucking away still. Mema's husband, my Papa Donald died when my mom was 9 years old and she has been independent as she can be ever since then. Up until two years ago when she fell and had a nasty break in her back, she cooked lunch for our whole family every single Sunday, we have horribly missed those Sunday lunches since then.

Mema knew that my family and my Aunt's family were all going out to eat for her birthday that night, but she had no idea that we had also invited the rest of our extended family (her sisters and brothers) along with a few of her friends from church to eat with us too. She sadly wasn't too surprised because her sister (who we've always called "Aunt Bossy") mentioned to her on the phone "we hope to see you soon!" and Mema figured something was up.  Bless her.

our big table with my aunts, uncles, cousins and some church ladies

my mom, Mema and Aunt 

Sawyer was obviously way too into his cornbread to take a picture

blowing out her candles

She also made the comment that we had better have been planning something bigger than just dinner with us, I mean she is turning 80.

And because it's my favorite picture from the evening, here is Sawyer throwing some major shade at my Aunt Pam because he was "very ready to go home".

After dinner, he was super tired so he crashed on the couch with my mama while I watched the ECU game.

We hope that we have many more birthdays to celebrate with Mema Dean!


  1. So so awesome you guys all get to celebrate together! I would die for one more thanksgiving with my nana at the kitchen helm. As always, Sawyer's ginger shade is the best thing ever.

  2. 80th birthdays are very special. We did big ones for both of my grandmothers.