Wednesday, September 24, 2014

a glimpse

Josh and I had decided against getting a 4D ultrasound with Brody. While we enjoyed the amazing pics we got from Sawyer's 4D, we just couldn't imagine spending $150 when we are trying to save money right now.

Well, Monday my mama called and said "If I pay for a 4D, will you get one? I am getting so anxious to see his face!" So of course I immediately called my OB to see if 31.5 weeks was too far along for them to get a good shot of the baby with the 4D. Thankfully they said that while they prefer to do 4D's at 27 to 30 weeks (because of the amount of fluid and space available in your belly), they'd be happy to try and get some shots for me.... the next day at 8am.

So, yesterday morning we headed to Greenville OB and got to see Brody's face for the first time since our gender ultrasound at 18 weeks.

trying to hide behind his hand

his first duck face?

with his little fist by his mouth

Homie is already weighing in around 4 lbs and 11 oz at 32 weeks so he is looking like he will be a big ole boy (yikes) and I was measuring around 2 weeks ahead. While I want him to cook as long as he needs to, I will admit that I am mighty anxious to meet him, especially now that I know how big he might get....


  1. That second photo he looks just like Sawyer! I love these...fingers crossed you end up with another ginger so you can have double side-eye in your life. Also, we gingers ARE pretty cool...

  2. I thought the same thing - second picture is definitely big brother! So sweet!! And so nice of your momma to offer so you could see him! :)