Thursday, April 18, 2013


With the weather finally warming up in Eastern NC, we have gotten to spend a LOT more time outside!

In March when I got my supplement check, Josh and I decided that we'd invest in a swing set sort of thing for Sawyer... and it was the best decision ever.

This child has not quit playing on it or BEGGING to play on it, and it has also gotten him to go outside more.

We went with this model because it had a ship (I told y'all, we're obsessed with all things Pirate):

like I said... best idea ever.

We also got to watch Josh play with his coworkers in the Town/Firesquad VS. Electric Department/Police softball game last week. And by watch I mean I chased Sawyer through the ballpark while Josh played softball. I even missed Josh making the game-winning hit because Sawyer was running so hard he almost made it onto the field. 

a rare calm moment during the game
Half of Sawyer's daycare friends were at the game including our amazing daycare person (aka Josh's best friend's mom) Mrs. Debbie (who the kids call "B" or "BeeBee"). So we got a great shot of them with Sparky the fire dog.

Here's to warm weather and hopes that it stays!


  1. Aww that swing set looks so fun! What kid wouldn't have a blast?!! I'm loving that the warm weather is finally here to stay!!

  2. Um...*I* want that swingset. I can be a pirate.

  3. Love the swing set! We've been talking about buying one for a couple years, but now that my daughter is 7, I fear that she's too old for it (although it's not too late for my 3 year old son!)