Friday, April 19, 2013

Kickoff Countdown

The countdown has begun and we are ready. Only 133 days until my East Carolina University Pirates kick off against Old Dominion University at Dowdy Ficklen Stadium!

We are starting out the season with THREE home games, woof, it's going to be rough.  Hopefully none of them will be noon-time games because that is absolutely horrible, getting up at the butt crack of dawn to go get our spot in our tailgate field, having to freeze a little bit in the morning then sweat to death come game time and all that food...and such... in the am hours? yikes.

But my favorite part of tailgates is that we get to see all our fraaands. You see, about 98% of our "crew" live in Raleigh or Knightdale, so during football season we at least have a guarantee that we're going to be able to see most of our best friends at least two weekends a month (if not more).

tailgate crew at Christmas

This year, we are going to attempt to take Sawyer to at least one game and see what happens.... I am terrified. He is not a fan of having to stay in one place for an extended period of time, but I am hoping the excitement of the game will entertain him enough for him to stay still and enjoy it. His last tailgate experience was at 7 months old... and he either slept or tried to eat pine straw the entire time... We will also have two brand new babies this year with my best friends LP & Hope both expecting babies in June and July, so hopefully we'll have some brand new Pirates at least at one tailgate!

I can hardly wait until August 31 for kickoff and the return of our favorite pastime, Pirate Football, arrgghhhh!


  1. This makes me so excited for football season!! Also, noon games were invented by the devil. Seriously - SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED.

  2. Yesss noon games are the worst!!! I think like 4/6 of our home games were at noon last season - it is not ideal!! That's so cool that you live so close and have a great group of friends to tailgate with! I'm definitely going to try and get to some home games next season here!

  3. You sound like my husband. As far as he's concerned tailgating season starts tomorrow with the spring game which we will be 9:00 mind you. I already need a nap just thinking about it ha