Monday, April 29, 2013

busy weekend

We had a fairly busy little weekend, however the events that made it busy really deserve whole posts, so for now, a nice bullet list of weekend happenings.

  • I ended #RawWeek2013 with a bang on Friday night with a very healthy helping of seafood (crab legs are my favorite), look for a post about my raw experience this week. 

  • Saturday morning Sawyer went with his Mimi to see some  baby rabbits that her school's FFA is raising. 

I am in total denial about how big he looks here.

  • Then I spent most of the morning and early afternoon prepping for a baby shower I helped host in Raleigh on Sunday (expect a whole post on that). 

  • We took Sawyer on over to my Papa's so he could enjoy more time on his little go-kart (which he is now calling his "twuck"). And he had a ball. 

Josh guarding the hill to be sure Sawyer didn't try to fly down it into Papa's garden.

he has such a pimpin' posture while driving. 
then he decided to do doughnuts which was amazing, listen to him saying "ahhhhh" the whole time haha.

  • Then we went to a graduation pig-pickin for my cousin Donald (who I call Pookie), which I will post about later this week too, that big 6 foot something young man is the "baby" of the grandkids and the only boy. 


  1. I can't wait to hear about raw week!!

    And yea, my first thought about that first picture was holy big boy! we don't have to talk about it...

  2. That go-kart looks sooo fun!! The little baby rabbit on your {not big} little boy is so cute :P Can't wait to hear about the rest of the weekend!

  3. ohhh can't wait for the post about the baby shower- that decoration is super cute!! and baby rabbits...oh my goodness!!!