Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Naked Porch

This past weekend was spent introducing my girl Kate to Hobby Lobby (love at first sight, of course) and being as lazy as possible. And thanks to another sinus infection (because it can't be fall/winter unless I get at least four or five), it was just just what the doctor ordered, literally.

Since I was being lazy, I also found several projects that I want to do around the house on Pinterest.

With all the Christmas decorations gone, my front porch has looked exceptionally naked.

I loved how my porch looked with something on either side of the door and I am thinking that some lanterns would look great there, like they do at this house (except without the Christmas garland and such):
But since lanterns that tall are super expensive, I think I would need to add a table or something underneath smaller lanterns to raise them up a little. I really would like to recreate the planters holding the topiary trees that are pictured below except enclosing the top and with a larger monogram, maybe in the same color purple as my front door? Then fill in the empty space with some greenery & hydrangeas


Thankfully, this coming weekend I am making a trip to Raleigh to spend some Carter's Cash (Sawyer's birthday is in less than a month!) and visit my best friend Hope. There is a Home Goods and a TJ Maxx right next to the Carter's store so I do believe I will be making a stop to hunt for some cheap lanterns like the ones below:


In the mean time, I am making a new wreath for the door like the one I made before (but had to auction off for Relay instead of keep). See that tutorial here.

I also want to do some galvanized buckets or planters with our house number and "The Edmondson's" on the front steps. I love the examples below and think I could easily re-create them!

except in the same color as our front door?

How do you decorate your front porch or front door?


  1. Love this! Can't wait to have a porch to decorate again ;)

  2. This post made me warm just looking at it...bring on spring to decorate!