Tuesday, November 2, 2010

christmas is lurking around the corner

Christmas is only 8 Saturday's away.
This is a problem. 
Not only are we trying to budget hardcore so we can afford this little bambino that's on the way, but we've had both sets of parents say "don't get us anything this year, just put that money towards the baby"
.....yeah, not going to happen.

I refuse to not get our parents, or other family members and friends anything at all, so now I'm on the hunt for great gifts under $25. 

For my mother-in-law, sister, cousin, and two besties, I am thinking it's going to be a Southern Chic Christmas. I had never even heard of the t-shirt company until I visited Ruth's blog This G.R.I.T.S. Tale and saw she her "My heart belongs to the Colonel" Mississippi shirt. They are the greatest t-shirts with unique designs and sayings and at only $17.95, they're the perfect price. 
I like either one of these three for my M-i-L, cousin and friend Dana (all teachers)

I like any of these for my sister and other bestie, Hope.

I already got my Mema Dean a great top and I will probably see if I can find something like that for Josh's grandma as well.

For my daddy, I know we'll probably get him the latest BluRay he wants or some gadget for his iPad. And for Dee's boyfriend JohnJohn, we'll probably find an ECU-related something he doesn't already have. My papa always asks for the same thing, Lowes gift cards or 2-pocket flannel shirts, so he's an easy buy, as is Josh's granddaddy.

But, I have NO idea what we're going to get for my father-in-law, cousin Donald, or brother-in-law, Jordan.  

 Luckily, both Donald and Jordan are big-time hunting/fishing/outdoors boys, so we can probably either buy a Tractor Supply or Cabela's gift-card, but I'd rather get them actual gifts.

For my F-i-L, I have absolutely no ideas. He doesn't really have any hobbies. He likes football, but not a lot. He likes to learn more about the Bible, but we've already given him a concordance and some other related stuff. He does however really like NCIS, so maybe a season of that on DVD?

So, happy hunting to you and yours as the Christmas shopping season begins soon. Say a little prayer that by some Christmas miracle, Josh and I find gifts that everyone will like without breaking the bank.

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