Thursday, November 4, 2010

prayer requests

hello bloggy-friends.

just wanted to ask ya'll to say a special prayer for a few folks this week.

My friend Lindsey Warren and her husband Brad have have a lot going on with their baby boy, Brentley this week. The doctors found a tumor on Brentley's bladder and he will be undergoing some procedures and surgeries to make him better. There are still trying to decide what is gong on, right now they believe there's a 50% it's cancer and 50% it's just an extremely horrible infection. Brentley is just around a year old.

Also, my little sister's boyfriend, JohnJohn (who is already like a brother to me, since they've been dating for so long now) has had lots of problems this summer with pancreatitis that led to several hospital stays, surgery to remove a stone and put in a stint and now he is on a feeding tube for 3 months and is only able to drink water. Now, the doctor's have discovered that his spleen is enlarged and are investigating what could have caused that on top of everything else. John's already been through so much pain with his pancreas and has lost over 40 lbs., so please pray with me for his recovery.

Last, but not least, Big Mark (my daddy) had neck surgery today. Big Mark hasn't been able to feel the last three fingers on his right hand for like 3 weeks and has had a terrible amount pain (so much that he's lost about 7 lbs.). He went to the doctor and they informed him that all the years of football, intense weight-lifting (in his younger days), lugging heavy sleep study equipment when he owned Remlabs and all the traveling to and fro he did back then left him with lots of bone spurs in his back that are now creating nerve impingements from his C-3 vertebrae down to C-8. Tuesday when he got these results they informed him that they needed to fix the C-7 impingement as soon as possible or he could face permanent damage, so he went under the knife today (with only 1 and a 1/2 days to prepare himself) and faces some recovery time. Pray also for my family, because Big Mark is the worst, most-stubborn patient of all time (it's a Harrell thing). 

Thanks and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week/weekend!

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