Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OCD: lyrics

I will be the first to admit that I am just a tad OCD (and by a tad, I mean just enough to drive me and the people around me crazy), and one of the many things I am obsessive about is song lyrics.

Yes, song lyrics, and yes I realize how silly it is to obsess over such a petty thing. And yes, I know that nobody likes to be corrected.

I hate to hear people just make up their own words to songs or completely butcher the words written by the song-writer or artist.

For example, Rascal Flatts (who I am not that fond of) had a song last year or the year before called "Summer Nights". My husband, who is KING of getting lyrics wrong and also king of the "we hate when lauren corrects us while we're singing" fan club, kept singing "let the igloo cooler rock your piece of paradise.".
1) that makes no logical sense, how does a cooler rock your piece of paradise?
So I just made sure I sang "let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise" loud enough that he knew he was wrong.... yes I am THAT girl.
We got into a very heated and albeit dumb, argument over the lyrics even AFTER I pulled up the correct lyrics on the internet (thank you, BlackBerry).

Or the song "39-21-40 Shape" by Chairmen of the Board. People are always going "youuuuu, with your 39-21-46, yes you got me going ape-ity ape over you..". It's definitely "yooooouuu with your 39-21-40 shape...". I mean General Johnson makes an obvious "P" sound at the end of that lyric so you know he's saying "shape".

Another thing about song lyrics that drives me absolutely berserk is when people don't know the lyrics so they just make weird mouth movements and musical-like noises. Seriously? You're ruining the songs for others around you, just sit there and listen or head bang or hum or something.

I think my main issue with wrongly-sung lyrics is that as a writer I can only imagine how pissed off I would be if someone miss-quoted something I wrote or didn't care enough to try to say it correctly.

Yes, I know how annoying it is to be corrected, and if I am wrong about a lyric I will admit to it, but come on people, use your brain when you sing. If the lyrics sound completely off-the-wall... you're probably singing them wrong.

So, I apologize in advance to anyone around me singing lyrics incorrectly. I usually TRY to keep my mouth shut, but by the time you've sang the same line wrong several times.... my insides want to explode and I feel so anxious I want to die, so you will probably be corrected after I find proper documentation of the correct lyric... sorry.


  1. Bahahaha - I'm joining your husband's fan club. First of all, I sing every song - no matter if I know the words or not. I also sing little ditties from commercials if they get stuck in my head. I mess up the words all the time. The other night, I was singing what I think is a McDonald's commercial and I said "g double O g -- goooood." My hubby just stared at me because I had just spelled "goog." HAHAHA! Anyway, I also keep singing songs on the radio even when I forget the words....I just sing the words "scooby doo" to the tune. I'm pretty much awesome.

  2. to funny! But I will admit when I was out at lunch I stopped myself from singing and started laughing thinking glad I know the words to this song. :)

  3. Hahahaha! You are hilarious!! I am definitely guilty of that!! But I totally get where you are coming from! I'm OCD and noises make me want to scream! I think vie actually blogged about it before!

    Thanks for the laugh!