Tuesday, November 9, 2010

F-U for calling us E-asy-U,

I am an incredibly proud graduate of East Carolina University.
Having said that, I will go ahead and tell you that no part of me wanted to attend ECU when I was a high school senior.
I hated that half my high school wanted to go there and that it was "so easy" to get in to the university. I also hated that I would probably run into most of my former h.s. classmates in college. 
So, I went to UNC-W for my freshman year of college.... and I hated it.
Don't get me wrong, UNC-Wilmington is a great school and I am sure that lots of people adored the campus, student life and academics, but the lack of football team and school spirit kind of sucked the fun out of it for me (not to mention, I found myself at the beach a lot more than I found myself in class).
So, I found myself re-considering my views on ECU.

Once I got there, I loved it. LOVED it.
Classes were just as hard, if not harder than those I took at UNC-W. 
My teachers canceled class a lot less than they had at Wilmington 
and I actually WANTED to go to class.

I felt like I was part of something at ECU. I was so proud to be a Pirate and to partake in the great traditions we have at football games and I loved that Saturday's from late August to early December were spent in a stadium, surrounded by fellow students, teachers and fans. 

The campus was less spread out and I didn't have to practically swim to class during rainy days.
Sure, I missed the beach and the amazing shopping in Wilmington, but I sure benefited from having less distractions. Also, yes I saw a few people I graduated with from high school, but that didn't mean I had to hang out with them.

People often call ECU, "EZU" or "Easy-U"... yeah well F-U. 
It is no longer the party school it was in the 80's. Yes, we still know how to party and our tailgates make your parties look pathetic, not to mention our Halloween rocks. But, we are no longer in the top ten rank and our academics and selective-ness have improved drastically since the early days.

We are currently building a dental school which I am sure will be just as amazing as our other major programs. 
We have the most amazing medical program, our school of education is the best and our communications program has graduated some top news anchors, journalists and reporters.

According to the school's website, they had 20,000 applicants for the Fall 2010 term, only 11,000 were offered admission and of those admitted, the average unweighted GPA was 3.4 and the average SAT score (out of 1600) was 960-1120. Not only that, but 81% of those admitted were in the top 50% of their graduating high school class.

Some of our famous alumni include:

 The amazing David Gerard - now a football player with the Jacksonville Jaguars

 Sandra Bullock

Ron Clark - teacher extraordinaire

Emily Procter (from CSI:Miami)

Vince and Linda McMahon (yes, the heads of WWE)

James Maynard, the founder of Golden Corral

Chris Johnson, running back for the Tennessee Titans

And my personal favorite since NCSU is constantly calling us "Easy-U"....

Kay Yow, former head coach of the NCSU women's basketball team

So, pick on us all you want.
A lot of our nurses, doctors, surgeons and the like operate on you.
ECU alumni may be teaching you.

Oh and NCSU.... where's your medical school?


  1. Woo Ron Clark! I met him and had my picture taken with him. :) And I didn't know Sandra Bullock went there! She's one of my faves.

  2. ECU's Exercise and Sports Science (Exercise Physiology) graduate school is also ranked #3.. nationally. And the professors in this program are some of the leaders in metabolic research, as well as lead the nation on research in the field of insulin sensitivity (diabetes) and muscle physiology. So no, it isn't a bunch of people "running around playing sports." Major medical beliefs have been changed and sculpted because of their work.