Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Wendy

Today is my wonderful mama's, who I like to refer to as "the Wendy", birthday!

I already told you how much I adore by daddy, Big Mark, so now you get the pleasure of learning more about my beautiful mother.

My mother, Wendy Whitley Harrell is one of the kindest, smartest people I know (just her mother, my Mema Dean).
(forgive the old picture)
The Wendy is a pharmacist at our local drug store, where she is usually the only pharmacist on duty. The drug store fills almost 500 prescriptions on a daily basis, so the Wendy stands on her feet all day and usually nibbles on Nabs for lunch. Yet, she still manages to keep her cool when customers hunt us down on the weekends to ask mama to go to the store and let them pick up their medicine because they forgot to pick it up earlier in the week. She handles everything so calmly and never lets anyone see her lose it.

I had the joy of working with the Wendy at the store when I was in high school. Let me tell you, it was no treat. People think that because you're the semi-boss' daughter that you will get away with anything.. false. Instead, my name was always the first out of her mouth if she needed something done and I not only got fussed at for doing something wrong while I was at work, but then it followed me home too.

But, it brought the Wendy and I so much closer to have to work together every day.

My mama was born and raised in Edgecombe County, just like Big Mark and they actually started dating in middle school, broke up in high school, got back together her freshman year of college, broke up during her sophomore year then got back together, and stayed that way for 25.5 years now.

Mama graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 82, married Big Mark in 85 and had me in 87. While Daddy was out building his sleep lab empire and traveling all over the country, Mama worked, took me & Dee to school/daycare, cooked supper and had us bathed, tucked in, and homework done every night with just Mema Dean to help a little.

When Daddy went back to school, Mama went from working 3 days a week at the drug store to almost every day and picking up extra days at another store. She worked so hard for Daddy to be able to follow his dream and let Big Mark wear the "mommy" hat, ironing, cleaning and cooking.

The Wendy is also a strong christian role-model for me and my sister. She is a Sunday school teacher and choir director and she always does her best to do right by the Lord, and brought my sister and I up the same way.

She is always there to give me advice about anything, share her never-ending wisdom and knowledge and has more patience and tolerance than I can even imagine possessing.

The Wendy handed down to me her shape (thank you mother for the hips & butt) and her love for reading, not to mention everyone that knows her immediately knows I'm her daughter when they see me since we favor so much (despite her being blonde, blue-eyed and fair-skinned) and sound just alike.

So, I hope my mama has the happiest 49th birthday and that she enjoys the "Magic Brownie Pan" I bought her (she keeps saying she is going to order one off the TV, but she never will).

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