Friday, November 12, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Baby Boy Edition

I am going to get myself in SO much trouble when it comes to baby clothes.
First of all, I hate when I see baby boys under the age of 14m wearing just t-shirts and pants all the time. So, I have been tearing up the internet looking at the smocked longalls, rompers, plaid overalls and etc. 
And now... I am officially addicted to baby clothes, but not their ridiculous prices. 
As quickly as babies grow, I know better than to spend a fortune on a ton of outfits that he will probably only be able to wear a few times before he goes up a size, so Ebay, TJ Maxx and other discount/second-hand store it is.
Look at the precious things I've found so far!

I had a few Kelly's Kids things when I little and I remember being so excited to have my name written on big sweatshirts that featured cheerleaders and pom-poms with coordinating leggings (and hairbows of course). But I did not realize how expensive said outfits were, check out these precious items from Kelly's Kids.

Then there's Little English, Claire & Charlie, Secret Wishes, Anavini and a million other absolutely to-die-for childrens' clothes brands that feature even more death-inducing prices. They have great outfits for church, and even though Josh thinks they are "too prissy" I love them. Here are few of items I must have - just at better prices (helloooo Ebay).

Yes those are seriously all over $50. But I did find several items like them on Ebay, in prices ranging from $12-$30. So I think I could get a few must-have items for special occasions.

But I promise I won't be dressing our little boy in dressy little outfits all the time. I forsee lots of madras, seersucker and overalls in the future - thankfully our local TJ Maxx is usually pretty well stocked in those categories and our Old Navy has a great baby section, not too mention the Carter's outlet is only like 45 minutes away. Here are few affordable outfits I think we can swing.


TJ Maxx & Old Navy

And of course, we can't have our little man not supporting our favorite teams! Thanks to wonderful stores like Johnny T-shirt, UBE and Dowdy Student Store, our baby can start cheering for the Tarheels during basketball season and the Pirates during football as soon as he pops out.

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  1. I have a friend who bought a few plain items and had a friend monogram and add decorations to them for cheaper than she could buy them at a few shops.