Thursday, November 4, 2010

so much "helpful" advice

Warning, this is a not very positive or light-hearted post.

I think everyone appreciates a little advice now and then, but lately I feel like there are people just scrambling to give me little tid-bits of “helpful” information or wisdom.

While I appreciate advice when I ask for it or if a person has had the same problem and may be able to help me fix it, I do not like advice thrown at me every time I post a facebook status or someone finds out I’m pregnant.

Not only do I have my own parents at home, who just happen to be medical professionals, but I have my very own OB-GYN telling me how to care for myself and baby. Therefore, I do not need you to tell me all your horror stories about your pregnancy or offer me “medical” advice when you don't even have any sort of college degree, let alone a medical one. For example, a lady at work told me not to lift my arms over my head because it would wrap the umbilical cord around baby’s neck… this is false. THEN another girl, who is also pregnant for the first time was telling me that two glasses of wine a night isn’t bad for the baby, it helps their kidney development… also false.

It isn’t just pregnancy stuff either. I love (sarcasm) when people offer me advice about how I should ask my husband to do things around the house for me. Another lady at work told me I “need” to or I “should” make my husband pick out Christmas gifts for his family instead of me doing it. No. I like picking out gifts and I am good at it, not to mention I can usually find deals that Joshua is too lazy to find. AND for that matter, don’t tell me what I need or should do, that is more like a command than advice anyway.

My point is, advice is wonderful when it is offered from a knowledgeable source or is asked for.

I call my friend Dr. Cory Rose, who is a pharmacist, all the time to ask him drug advice when I don’t want to bother the Wendy or I ask my bestie Hope questions about muscle/exercise related things because she went to school for Exercise Phys.

Sometimes, I just want to vent and say “man I hate when Sookie tries to eat my Rainbows” or “I swear I am going to kill the next person who touches my belly”. I don’t want you to tell me how to discipline my dog or to tell me “oh Lauren, you shouldn’t worry about little things like people touching your belly.” Shut up, I don't like it.

So, some helpful advice for EVERYONE.
One, if a person is hormonal, pregnant and a little unpredictable, do NOT under any circumstances tell her every way to solve a problem when she didn’t ask for your advice unless you know her very well (for example, I love when my friends Lindsey & Candace give me advice because they were pregnant with children of their own not to long ago).

Two, just because you think you know the answer, doesn’t mean that griping person wants to know it too, maybe they just feel like complaining.

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  1. My bestie hates for her belly to be touched too.
    And why does it matter who buys the presents for whose family that is so ridiculous.