Wednesday, November 24, 2010

(kind of) Wordless Wednesday: 2005-2006, a year of firsts

 found thess pictures, can't believe how young/thin Josh and I were, thought  I would share.
In 2005, I....

fell in love with my future husband

graduated from high school

went on my first vacation with a boyfriend (and his ENTIRE family)
let's not even mention how crazy tan and thin I was... ahh those were the days
that sweet little asian girl in my lap (Josh's cousin Lyndsey) was one of our flower girls, and Kasey (on my right) is now a recording country artist

went to college
puttin up the clothes
Puttting up clothes... once again, how did I ever manage to get that tan?!
the card in the flowers Josh sent me on our anniversary
experienced my first Greenville Halloween... and never made it downtown

and then fell in love again with this amazing four-legged creature
i heart both my loves


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit that I totally wore that Strawberry Shortcake outfit one year during college. Oh dear lord help us - It was so inappropriate.

  2. girl tell me about it, i had to crop the picture so that nobody could tell that my lacey bloomers are completely hanging out haha