Monday, September 6, 2010

my hero, my mema

Today may be Labor Day, but I am celebrating for a whole other reason, today is my Mema Dean's birthday.
My mema (my mama's mama) is Rosa Dean Murphy Whitley, but don't you dare call her Rosa.
She is my eyeball.
Not only is she beautiful, the best cook and the most amazing listener, she is also the strongest person I know.

In the picture above of me, Mema & my sister Deanna at my cousin Carla's wedding, Mema is wearing a wig since she was recovering from chemo while battling Non-hodgkin's Lymphoma.
This wasn't Mema's first fight with cancer. She lost her right breast to breast cancer when I was little and had to wear a band-aid on her face throughout my wedding due to a small melanoma she had removed from her cheek.
But, thank God for prayer and good medicine because Mema is now in remission and still cooking every Sunday and providing me with a lap to sit on.
The Deaner is a walking medical catastrophe. She doesn't have a single organ you can live without. No appendix, one kidney, missing part of a lung, one boob, no gallbladder and no uterus or ovaries. Not to mention she has two "fake" knees and arthritis too.
She's a fighter and a wonderful woman.
Mema is so strong in her faith and serves our church, Webbs Chapel Baptist, any way she can. From making sandwiches for showers and weddings to acting as the president of Women on Missions, she always finds a way to give back.
She is truly the matriarch of our family and has always offered every one of us a shoulder to cry on and a piece of advice even when she was the sick one.
None of my friends have ever called her "Mrs. Dean" or "Mrs. Whitley" because she acts like a Mema to everyone.
I pray that this birthday is one of many more birthdays to come, because I have such a hard time imagining a world without Mema Dean in it and I can't wait for her to help me raise my & Josh's baby too.

She'd kill me if she saw this, Mema napping on her lounge chair in Hilton Head:

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  1. I love the dresses.

    I hope she has a wonderful birthday. I have a grandmother like her. Everyone of my friends calls her Nanny like I do.