Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nothing like a Pirate win

This Sunday marked the first game of the season for the East Carolina Pirates. It was also the first time the fans sat in the new and improved Dowdly Ficklen stadium AND our first game with new coach Ruffin McNeill.
It was amazing.
We started tailgating around 9am and went up to the stadium around 12:30 so we would have time to see the new scoreboard, find our seats and get any food we wanted before the boys came out on the field to warm up.
Our new scoreboard and the new student section seats were awesome. The digital board is GINORMOUS and the stadium seems bigger, yet cozier with the big open area now closed in with "The Boneyard" student section seats (most of the pale purple seats in the picture below).

While the new section looked nice, it apparently wasn't built super well. A few of the bleachers in the stands collapsed and injured some ankles and they ended up having to take away a few rows.
But, no matter how the students felt about their seating, they still stayed pumped and cheered our Pirates through a VERY CLOSE game.
The Pirates stayed neck-in-neck with Tulsa for the majority of the game and towards the end, with mere seconds left we were all convinced the game was over and we'd have to take a loss. Well.... our quarterback Dominique Davis threw a 33-yard touchdown pass to 6'8 receiver Justin Jones as the clock expired and HE CAUGHT IT. It was absolutely amazing. Sure, we had a flag on the play for too much celebration (which makes no sense since technically the game was over) but who cares, we took our penalty and still kicked a FG for the extra point.

(AP Photo)
Davis was named Offensive Player of the Week by our conference and the play made it to #1 on the Top Ten Plays on ESPN for the weekend.
The game ended Pirates 51 and the Golden Hurricanes 49... and lots of sunburn.
I actually had to leave the game at halftime because despite the excessive amount of water I drank, the direct sunlight and heat were way too much for this pregnant pirate. I did get to watch the game with some friends who were also overheated at Logan's and then hear the big play on the radio while I waited to pick up those who stayed from the stadium.
So proud to be a Pirate today (and always) and loving that big win on a hail mary play.

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