Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Marvelous Makeup

I am very picky when it comes to makeup.
The main reason being because I have incredibly sensitive skin and the other being I have weird skin. Not to mention I'm allergic to CoverGirl AND Mac foundation.
I was blessed with fairly good skin in the acne department (it's very rare I get a blemish) but I have really dry skin and with my red pigment I look like I have touch of Rosacea. BUT, I have finally found a summer and winter foundation I love, that doesn't break the bank.
I used to wear Clinque's "City Base" cream to powder foundation in the summer because it was so light and didn't sweat off easily and then use Merle Norman's "Luxiva Lasting Foundation" in the winter because it moisturized my dry skin so well without making it oily. But they were both around $25 a piece and they didn't last long.

I've been bouncing back and forth for awhile now between Loreal's "True Match" foundation and some mineral stuff I found. Now, I've found my new favorite though.

Revlon New Complexion One-Step Compact Makeup.

This stuff is great. My face feels so fresh and while it is a creamy foundation it goes on like powder! At only $13 I think it's going to be a keeper.

Mascara has always been an issue for me as well.
I have long eyelashes that are stubborn about curling and are a pale strawberry-blonde shade, so mascara is a must.
I love CoverGirl's LashBlast line and it has been a godsend for my lashes. I especially love the newer LashBlast Length and LashBlash Fushion, which I use together for super boost and length.

A warning though, the waterproof LashBlast always flakes and gets in my eyes so I just stick to the regular kind.

When it comes to eyeliner I have always used the same kind.
CoverGirl Perfect Blend

It doesn't smudge easily and it goes on without a fuss.
When I want a more made-up or smokey look I use CoverGirl's new "LiquilineBlast" eyeliner.

It looks like liquid eyeliner but goes on easily since it is in a nice pencil form. This works well for me because I have HUGE eyes and because I don't have the most steady hand and usually end up crying black tears when I stab myself in the eyeball with liquid eyeliner.

Lipstick is something I struggle with.
I don't wear a lot and I usually stick to just SoftLips chapstick when I go places, but when I need a little color I like CoverGirl's AmazeMint Lip Gloss.

My favorite part about this gloss is that it isn't sticky and I don't have to keep pulling my hair off my lips from being stuck in it. The mint smell is great too, it's like popping a piece of Trident in your mouth.
I found this gloss by mistake when one of my bridesmaids left it at my house while getting ready for the wedding. I tried it and never returned it :)

I'm not a makeup extraordinaire, but these are the kind that works the best for me. And they keep my bank account happy and a smile on my face.

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