Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Lace and Sequins and Tweed, oh my

Good lord. Have ya'll seen the new J.Crew catalog?! I DIE for half the items in its wonderful glossy pages. But the ones that stuck out the most were the precious glitzy or textured skirts, pants and tops that NEED to be a part of my life (once I find somewhere fancy to wear them).

A huge part of me wishes I wasn't so curvy (the huge part being my butt) so I could pull off the new brocade & lace skirts as well (even though an even huger part of me knows I could never pay around $140 for a skirt I couldn't wear too many places since it would barely clear my butt). 

Dolce Tweed Mini ($120) I have no idea where I would wear this, but I still want
 Sequin Sonnet Mini ($398) I need to 1) rob a bank so I can buy this skirt and 2) lose about 10 lbs. off each leg before I could wear it
Paillette Mirage Tweed Mini ($248) ditto above statement
 Metallic Sequin Bell Skirt ($275) At least this one has some length and room for my curves
Elena Lace Shift dress ($595) Two words, classically gorgeous!
Metallic Bouclé Moto Jacket ($895) Obviously I could never afford this jacket, but yum!
 The jewelry in this catalog completely blew me away, but my favorite pieces were:

Braided crystal chain necklace ($195)
Crystal Parade Necklace ($195) in Rust
 They may not be lace, sequins or tweed but I lose my mind over the new vintage cords
Stretch Vintage Trouser Cord ($79.50) PURPLE CORDUROYS!!! It doesn't get much better than that.


  1. Um....$600 dress and $900 jacket? You're killin' me, J Crew. Actually the only item I really like (from your list) is the first skirt. And I can easily resist that. I'm over J Crew and their silly prices. Put me in a Banana Republic outlet, though, and I'll lose my mind!! :)

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  3. tell me about it, I will hopefully find something that looks just like these items at another store for a much, much more reasonable price :), but i will continue to covet these specific items from afar