Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sew wonderful

Apparently, the maternity world thinks that are only two sizes for pregnant women: super skinny or plus size. I am somewhere in between.
I found a great tunic-thing at Old Navy and ordered it in a large so it would be long enough to actually be a tunic, not just a shirt (maternity world also thinks that no pregnant women aren't over 5'6 - I'm 5'9).
Well.... the thing is GINORMOUS.
It is shaped like a tent, even though the website showed it having a nice nipped-in empire waist, it doesn't on me. Now, I know you want there to be room for belly growth, but I don't think my rib cage will ever expand as much as this shirt allowed.
Luckily, I have a personal tailor - my Mema Dean.
She took the waist in 2 inches on each side and pulled in the panel a little and TA-DA it fits :)
Note how it has a defined empire waist?!

Mema Dean, working her magic. (Excuse the lighting and horrible pic quality, the Deaner doesn't like overhead lights while she sews so all she had on was that little reading lamp).

Will post a picture of me in said tunic once I wear it :)

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