Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: PURPLE... GOLD

I blogged about the awesome-ness of ECU football yesterday, here are a few photos to prove it.

tent setup - 9am

ChrisMitchell, ready to go

The awesome flags next to us

Our poor flag (all of Ryan's got stolen last year)

Josh kind of looks like he's sitting on a toilet...

Hopey & me

it isn't tailgating without flipcup

Samuel obviously cheated for there to be that much drink on the table

the girls


Warming up

This guy was obviously feeling the Pirate spirit

New scoreboard

"The Boneyard" (the student section)

New Student Section (under scoreboard)

Pee Dee at Center Field

Marching Pirates in the shape of NC


Taking the bleachers down from the new student section after they fell apart

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