Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Day Challenge - Day One

I am copying Miss Kristen over at "All In My Twenties" and jumping on the "10 Day Challenge" bandwagon.

Day 1: Ten things you want to say to ten people right now.
Day 2: Nine things about yourself that most people don't know.
Day 3: Eight things you couldn't live without.
Day 4: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day 5: Six things you wish you could change or wish you would have never done.
Day 6: Five people who mean a lot to you.
Day 7: Four turn offs.
Day 8: Three turn ons.
Day 9: Two words that describe your life right now.
Day 10: One confession.

So, here are ten things I want to say to ten people, right now.

1) Old ladies at my church - if you rub my belly ONE MORE TIME or comment on my weight I will have to get ugly. Even if it means my mama kicking me out of the choir.

2) To my beautiful little sister Deanna, I miss you so much while you're at school and I love you more than I can say/write. The rest of the family and I are so, so proud of you and how smart you are AND how strong you stay in your faith and walk with God.


3) Dr. William Taft III (my marvelous OB-GYN) please, please, please be on call the night/day I go into labor! I don't want anyone else delivering my baby because a) you are wonderful, b) i adore that you're a strong christian man, and c) I am not fond of the doctors in your practice.

4) My crazy other-half, Joshua I truly never thought I could ever love another human being as much as I love you. You are my best friend and I cannot wait to raise our little boy with you... however if you do not learn to throw your cans in the recycling bin or put your dishes in the sink instead of leaving them on the counter/table I may have to cause you bodily harm


5) To all of my coworkers. Ya'll are so sweet and I appreciate how you check on me and help me when needed so much. I just ask that you remember that while I am good with computers and software, it does not mean that I can drop everything I'm doing to help you every single time your computer has an issue. That is what our IT guys are for.

6) My ridiculous little brother-in-law, Jordan. I ABSOLUTELY refuse to let you take your nephew hunting. I really, really don't want him to be a fan of guns, killing things or asking us to buy him bows, arrows, bullets, camo and stuff. I don't knock the sport and I am so glad you provide us with deer meat to cook, but with my and Josh's accident pron-ness I am worried that bad, bad things would happen.

7) John-John Moody, I could not have hand-picked a better boyfriend for my little sister. You are already part of our family and even though you and Dee are still so young and have so much growing to do, I feel like you WILL be my brother-in-law some day. Just know that no matter what happens between you & her that you will always mean so much to the Harrell/Edmondson clan. Feel better soon!


8)Local restaurants & gas stations, please start carrying Caffeine Free drinks (besides Sprite and such). I NEED a caf-free pepsi or mtn. dew and you constantly disappoint me.

9) Baby in My Belly - Please stop giving me heartburn. There is no sense in things like cereal and milk making my esophagus burn. I know you can't help it, but can you help a mother out a little? Thanks, love you and can't wait to meet you!

10) To my wonderful parents The Wendy & Big Mark, thank you for raising me to be independent and strong in my faith. I will never be able to thank you enough for all the things you have done for me, Deanna and Joshua, and I know you will do for your future grandkids. I love you both so much and I am so, so proud to be your daughter.

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