Thursday, September 2, 2010


This past weekend, Josh and I joined some friends and family members at his cousin Michelle's house for a Watermelon Festival party.
The Watermelon Festival, which happens in Winterville, NC, is literally two blocks from Michelle & her husband Eric's house so we could party at the house and enjoy the yummy food there then visit the festival. We could actually hear the live concert from her house, so no need to purchase a ticket :)
The funniest part of the evening was the Slip-n-Slide that was created in the backyard.

Now, an ideal setting for a slip-n-slide would be a smooth piece of land with a slight decline that's free of roots or holes.... Michelle's yard met none of these qualifications.
Not to say the people who ventured down the long plastic sheet that was soaped down with dish detergent didn't have fun, but my poor Joshua managed to hit every pecan, root and bump as he traveled face-first down the yard.
And when I say pecan, I don't mean the nice little shelled pecans that you eat, I mean the big giant raw pecans in the shell like pictured below.

Others were smart enough to wear shorts and t-shirts... my hubby just wore his bathing suit.

Josh taking off for slip-n-slide action

Josh, post slide, laying in pain

continuing to lay in pain...

Aument demonstrates the correct way to slip-n-slide

Josh's battle scars:

Left elbow

Right elbow


I'm glad I'm pregnant because otherwise I would have been the first one to slide down that thing, and as accident prone as I am... the end results would have not been good.

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