Wednesday, March 7, 2012

European Adventure: Packing Edition (2)

yesterday, I showed you my packing list and traveling outfits, here are the rest of the clothes I plan on wearing, comfort is key but I also want to make sure I represent the ole U.S. of A in a fashionable way (that rhymed!).

Day 2 Outfit
Something about this outfit looks so stereo-typical European, guess it's the striped shirt?
Day 3 Outfit
this isn't the exact dress but close enough

Day 4 Outfit
see what I meant about repeating stuff? same cardi as day 3 and same jeans from day 2

Day 5 Outfit
train attire, duh.

Day 6 Outfit
pumped about this striped dress from F21

Day 7 Outfit
Another Maxi, like I said yesterday, they are just the best thing ever.

Back-Up Outfit 2
just in case it gets chilly

Back-Up Outfit
they do muffler scarves in Europe right?
I am getting so excited! 22 DAYS!

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