Friday, March 16, 2012

long lost blogger & Nail Files

Hey babes, sorry I have been a little MIA right here lately, this week was jammed pack with revival at church, three big meetings at work, a professional development thing in Raleigh and general life stuff.

But, i'm  back and we're just going to play a little catch-up today - but first check mah nails as I link up with Tara @ Fabulous but Evil for Nail Files.

The Nail Files

Indigo Nights by Revlon Color Stay
Please note that that dark blue is not my way of supporting Duke, Kentucky or Kansas in the NCAA tournament, it just a pretty color. (Go Heels!)

Like I said, Monday I had a meeting in Raleigh at the McKimmon Center at North Carolina State University. Now, you may know this already but there is no love lost between NCSU and my alma mater East Carolina University, in fact during football season we sorta loathe each other. (Although I do love my friends that went there). So you may have seen my little tweet about having to go there...

On the way back to work from Raleigh I stumbled across this little gem rolling down Hwy 64...
yes, that does say "Trojan Magnum" down the side and XXL on the back #overcompensated

Also, I swear my son is getting cuter by the day (yes I realize I may be a little bias).
grabbing a nap between church and lunch 
working his "Bruce" look...

this is the real Bruce (from Swamp People), I think Sawyer looks just a little better in his shirtless overall get-up 
playing with my necklace on the way to Olive Garden
hanging out at Olive Garden, this way taken right after he demolished three breadsticks

Ya'll may have noticed that I started water-marking my pictures, not because I think they're wonderful and someone may try to steal them as use them professionally or anything, but because I read Becky's post over at From Mrs. to Mama and was horrified. Go check it out.

Anywhooo, I promise to try and be better about blogging next week since things will hopefully be a little calmer around home and work. Have a glorious weekend loves!


  1. Ha! Go DUKE! (And FSU, I suppose. It IS my alma mater, after all). I do, however, have UNC in my final four for the bracket tournament! Love the nails :D

  2. Love your nail color! I love bright blue. Wow, that car is a bit ridiculous!

  3. Very pretty nails! How does Revlon's Colorstay hold up? And...go Duke and NCSU! Not that I really care though :)

  4. Love your pretty blue nails!

  5. Like the BLUE nail color! I wear blues often! Bruce from Swamp People is a friend of mines brother and lives about 30 mins from me! Your lil one is such a handsome boy! Happy St. Patty's!