Thursday, March 22, 2012

the hardest part of my job

some might think this is going to be yet another post about how I don't have time to see my family or workout and such, but no the hardest part of my job is when I have to draft letters for parents to let them know the support we are offering their kids after a tragedy.

What can you tell a parent to make them feel like their kid is going to be safe in the school after something horrible has happened there/around there or to another student? How do you find the words to assure them you won't let anything happen to their precious children, even though you can't guarantee that?

We have have several gun-related incidents the past two weeks that affected our students. Thank the lord that none of these incidents actually involved a gun being AT school or an actual shooting occurring in one of our buildings but it has created a scary week none the less.

Worst part? Some of those incidents were not even in high schools. In fact, only 1/2 of them affected high school students.

We are blessed that only one of those incidents involved the death of a student, a student that (allegedly) just standing outside his home when bullets from a drive-by struck and killed him. He was actually 2 grades below me in school.

We just had a double homicide take place in local community, one of the people killed had 5 kids in our district. The murder also happened not far from one of our elementary schools.

So what is my point is saying this?

I don't really have one.

Except to say that I am terrified for our children. We live in the middle of nowhere in southeastern NC. If our kids can't just be kids here, what does that mean for other places?

The gang violence that goes on around here is scary and I can honestly say I am struggling with what Josh and I will do about educating Sawyer. I am a strong advocate for public schools (not only because I work for a public school system but because I attended public schools for most of my life - minus 2 years), but I truly have no idea what we'll do when Sawyer gets to kindergarten.

A nearby school system also had a student get her throat slashed on the way to class. IN THE HALLWAY OF HER SCHOOL.


  1. That would be really hard, and I am sorry that is going on in your community!! Prayers are coming!

  2. My husband is a police officer so the stories I've heard from him alone (most of which don't even make the news) have my terrified of what the world is going to be like when Peyton's older. The thought of public school really scares me these days, and I hate that because I grew up in public schools and loved it...never had an issue :(

  3. Scary, scary. I'm sure it's even worse for you as a new parent. I felt so safe in my schools growing up... how will my kids feel?

  4. Oh my gosh, I read about that on the news here. I always assumed that Raleigh was big enough but still small enough and that something like someone SLASHING another students neck would never happen. It's terrifying