Thursday, March 1, 2012

Room Transformation

After a lot of though and a LOT of having to crawl behind Sawyer in the confined space of our living room, we decided to do a switch-a-roo between our dining and living room. (PS This is a long post, prepare yourself)

Original Dining Room:

Original Living Room

We simply switched all the furniture between the two rooms, along with some accessories and lighting fixtures. Then only spent around $300 on some necessary things.

New Dining Room:

New Living Room:

There is SO much more room in our "new" living room. I was hesitant at first because I wasn't sure how I felt about having a fireplace in my dining room and I can no longer watch TV while cooking or washing dishes, but the floor space is so much better for Sawyer and we don't have to worry about him banging his head on the hearth anymore.

Some major changes we made included:
  • painting the existing black end tables silver with my favorite product of all time, Rust-oleum Metallic Spraypaint.

old black tables

  • purchasing an area rug, which I got a steal at TJ Maxx

perfect color combo for our living room
  • having to move the satellite cable into the old dining room
  • buying green cushions (thank you World Market) and pillows (thank you Home Goods) for the wicker furniture we had in storage
green cushions & green and blue throw pillows
  • Buying a green leather ottoman from Ross (only $21!)
LOVE that it the top of the ottoman turns into a tray/hard surface to put  drinks and such on
The only real costs were:
Area Rug
Spray Paint
Picture Frames

Here are some up close shots of some other change I made...

The Mantle
I had to make several changes to my old living room so it would match the pink, green & blue scheme of my dining room stuff. 
new mantle (I spray painted the two green picture frame mats and the far right frame pink)
love my blue candlesticks holders from ZGallerie that I got for Christmas!

also adore the wooden monogram from Southern Proper Monograms, which I spray-painted pink (notice a theme here?)

original mantle, those blue frames are now green and the yellow frame is now pink (as pictured above)
Since my old living room walls were white, I knew my off-white table and chairs wouldn't stand out very well, so I chose to cover the table and chairs with some coordinating sheets that would match my existing table runner. 

chair covers made of pillow cases and tied with pink ribbon (yes they ARE that wrinkled, I have got to iron them)
 I stole this idea from Pinterest of course, here is the original pin:
the table cloth is a sheet that is the same color blue as the stripe and flowers in my runner, I used the same chargers, napkins and rings as I had before only adding these silver candle-abras which are from my fall candle project.

here are the candleabras when they were black

Photo Wall
I left our original wedding photo wall up in the old living room, but since I moved the china cabinet into the new dining room (which I love since now people can actually see our pretty fine china) it left a big blank wall over the couch in the new living room. 

our china cabinet, which needs some art on either side
wedding gallery wall (yes they picture in the middle is crooked, it moves every time the door slams) in dining room
So I purchased a bunch of un-finished frames from Michaels' and painted those suckers silver & green to coordinate with the room and created a gallery over the couch. I also stole the frames off the wall over our bed since I plan on redoing that wall soon too.
new gallery wall 
I think Sawyer has enjoyed the switch the most, he has so much more room for activities (if you don't get this quote, I need you to watch "Step Brothers" right now).