Thursday, March 8, 2012

promise no more outfits

Hey ya'll. No I don't have anymore boring tidbits about packing to talk about today, just some randoms. 

I wish we had stores like Dorothy Perkins & Jane Norman here in the US, like actual stores you could walk into and try things on. They have precious pieces and have a lot more options for the curvier ladies (i.e. me).

I ordered these two dresses from Dorothy Perkins and somehow missed the fact that the sizes are WAY different and ended up with dresses big enough for two of me to fit in to. So I had my personal tailor (Mema Dean) take them in for me.

At look at this precious swimsuit from Jane Norman:

I am extra nervous about an upcoming Board of Education meeting. At the March BoE meeting, I have to give the Annual Report, this is the first time I have done it instead of the superintendent, so it should be interesting. This meeting is also when the budget will be presented which includes the possible closing of one of our schools which means I am probably facing lots of press and media attention about it.

This is probably going to sound a little stalker-esque. But a girl that lived across the hall from me in my freshman dorm at UNC-W is now Miss Reef USA and I keep seeing her face all over their website, calendar stuff and advertisements. It's so weird. She is beyond gorgeous and I always say "oh hey I KNOW her!" when I see her face. She is also a model for other stuff too.

For example:

that's her... and her butt.
there's her face (in front)
They even have a t-shirt with her hiney on it.

I have been obsessed with Maxi everything lately.  I have probably beat this point to death, but they are seriously the best thing ever. I really love that the maxi skirts are big this year, and I plan on rocking them along with the dresses. Here are a few of my faves..

Angie Knit Maxi
Arden B. Paisley Print Maxi
Old Navy Jersey Maxi Skirt
Haute Halter from Blue Door Boutique
I've been a little angry at my house lately. I feel like I have nowhere to put anything since we don't have a linen closet and since our cabinet space is a little limited. I also hate that half my clothes are in the guest room while the other half are in our bedroom, it makes getting ready a little difficult and our closets are small I can hardly see my clothes so I end up wearing the same things over and over again. 

I wish I had a closet like any one of these:
(especially if the tory burch bags came with)


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