Monday, March 5, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

I am linking up with Savanah @ What Makes Savanah Smile for Phone Photo Fun!

1. Yes that is me without makeup, scary right? I snapped this at the gym this morning before I got ready. I can't figure out why my face is all of a sudden red on the bottoms of my cheeks like I have rosatia or something. Anyone know any good color correction foundations/primers?

2. I made the mistake of visiting Sam's Club on Saturday in attempts to get diapers, some fruit (they have the best selection) and some Veggie Straws. The lines were cah-razy.

3. If you follow me on Twitter/are friends with me on the Book, you already saw this, but I am SO pumped about Sawyer's stuff from Ragsland FINALLY coming in. I ordered it for his b*day, but hey, better late than never. 

here are better pictures of the items:
only it says "Sawyer" of course...

"S" instead of "R"

4. My husband keeps putting his stupid visors on that lamp in the bedroom no matter how many time I ask him to stop. It bothers the absolute crap out of me. 

5. Oh you know, just my child sitting in his car seat eating my Kate Spade sunglasses.

6. This weekend, I organized some of my scarves. That's only about half of them hanging on a 5-tiered pants hanger thing. It did clear up two of my dresser drawers though!

7. Another picture of my sweet little Bug in his animal race car PJ's... aren't babies in little tight pajamas the most precious thing?

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  1. Haha your Sam's Club looks like mine. I have to go extremely early during the week to avoid the horrible lines. It's such a cluster.