Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spare Room Makeover

I can't even tell you about how mad I've been at my spare bedroom lately. Yes I just said I was mad at a room, so what?

Our lovely back bedroom, where I have to keep most of my clothes, used to look like this:

don't really know what happened to this picture, or why it's all blurry...

But now that we stole the mattress from that room to make a bed for Sawyer it's just been a big empty bed frame where you can see all my under-the-bed storage totes and their contents. In other words, a big fat mess. Did I mention that we also have the desk that was once in the dining room in there along with the white bed frame that was our bed before we got the King? So yes, catastrophe zone. 

So, while I was cleaning out my closet (cue my fave Eminem song) and switching my winter and spring wardrobe (cause Lord knows I don't have the room to keep both in my closet/dresser at the same time) I realized I couldn't stand to look at the under-the-bed bins for another minute. 

I took apart the old bed frame and moved out both it and the white bed frame along with several other items we were storing in the room. Yes, I may have shed a tear at having to fold up my Lilly Pulitzer comforter and put it storage. 

I then re-configured my desk that was already in the room with the white desk from the old dining room. I also added my black card table (that was stored under the bed in the other room - sense a trend here?) With the new configuration I can still store my under-the-bed things under the bigger desk.

This is how the room looks for now. It is still a work in progress. The pretty black lanterns in the corner are to be used whenever I finally get around to putting a shelf over my & Josh's bed (see this post here). 

Michelle, see your box of glass drink dispensers sitting there under the card table? I PROMISE to bring them to you this weekend.

I plan on using the "new" room as a craft area/office. 

I will soon be adding a shelf over the black card table and covering the table with a table cloth to hide my t-shirt/sweat pants storage. I will also be getting a cubby-type shelf (courtesy of my wonderful carpenter Papa) to put in the corner of the two white desks. 

Here are some ideas I've had so far for storing my craft stuff:
making a paper storage thingy for all my scrapbook paper
for all my ridiculous amounts of ribbon
what I want to do with the shelf over the card table - really loving that curtain rod with handing storage and magnetized jars for under the shelf
not really like these, but I plan on organizing my loose ribbon and scrap paper by color in my cubby shelf
Love what they did with the cubby shelf too
I NEED an inspiration board, luckily I already have a bulletin board  - just need to find it...
I really like this for sticker sheet and paper organization too
Now that I have SPACE to actually do some crafts, I just need to find some time to do them. 

Here are some other pictures from my weekend clean/organization fit.. which you've already seen if you follow me on twitter.
those jeans are my main inspiration to lose weight, my two favorite pair of Joe's and one pair of Hudson's I haven't even taken the tags off yet... sigh, one day.
love being able to put my Lilly back in the closet for spring!
why yes, that is a lot of Purple, I am a Pirate after all!
ahhh, the joys of separating clothes by ones that fit, ones that don't and ones to give away

I couldn't fit the bed rails and such into my Escape so I had to borrow my Papa's '94 Chevy. That thing can GO though, I was pleasantly surprised by how fast it went, not that I went over 55 or anything....


  1. Can't wait to see you AND my drink dispensers this weekend :)

  2. so many great ideas! I will definitely be doing a craft room in our new house :-)

  3. Great ideas and a great direction with it. I love having an office in my house.