Friday, March 9, 2012

first haircut

Sawyer Lang got his first haircut ever yesterday. And let me say it was much needed. Since his hair is stick-straight it was just hanging over his ears and he kept tugging at it constantly and he was working on a seriously baby mullet in the back.

My hairdresser Renee at Sunshine Hair Designs cut it for us and he did SO WELL for her. Of course he may have been bribed with a sucker, but he sat pretty still and cooperated happily.

happy with his little sucker

sorry it's so grainy - zoomed in too far on my phone camera
My biggest thing was I still wanted him to look like a baby boy, not a grown-up and I am so thankful that Renee kept him looking like my little Sawbug.


  1. Hey Lauren! Sawyer is such a cutie..I saw him on his birthday when he was with Mrs. Edmondson at Kelly's funeral! I've been reading your blog forever and you were my inspiration to finally create my own..I hope you're willing to share some blogging tips and tricks!

  2. the cuteness is overwhelming! he is just too darn adorable!!

  3. What a big boy! He is too cute :)