Friday, March 22, 2013

where did it go.

where has the time gone? it's a question I keep asking myself. I think about it when a birthday passes or I watch Sawyer transform from an infant into a toddler, but lately every time I look at a picture all I can do is calculate how long ago it was.

This picture is of 5 or 6 years old me with my first love, my Pooh Bear in the hammock at my Papa's house. 

Fast forward about 18 years and here I am with a different love, my future husband in 2008, posing for engagement pictures in that same hammock.
via Portraiture by Melanie

...and here is Pooh Bear today.
How did the time pass so quickly between those two pictures, and between those two pictures and now?

I am constantly wishing for more time in my day and more moments to do things that I don't ever get the chance to do anymore, and I realized that it isn't time I need, it's me TAKING the time to do things.

So this weekend? We have nothing planned. Josh, Sawyer & I are just going to spend the day together. If that means we need to grocery shop, then we're going together. If that means we all clean the house together, then we'll do that. Here's to the art of taking time together. 


  1. Gosh this is so true! Have a wonderful weekend with your family :)

  2. Super jealous that you had Melanie do your pics...she is awesome! Have a great weekend with your cute little family. Life gets so busy sometimes but it os important to take that family time because like you said, time goes way too fast!

  3. I hope y'all have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

  4. I love this post so much!! And oh my gosh I don't think I've ever seen those engagement pictures, they're gorgeous! You can totally see the love in those pictures :) I hope y'all had a great weekend together.