Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saw it, Pinned it, Did it: St. Patty's Wreath

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I made a tulle wreath for Valentine's Day that I could easily change out to other holidays, but since Valentine's Day is long gone and it's time to change it out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Pinspiration from "All Things Belle":
I really just liked the idea of a "Lucky" sign in the middle of the wreath

"Luck of the Irish" sign
Shamrock beaded necklaces (I used three)
Green Ribbon
Tulle Wreath (wreath form and spool of tulle)

1. First, make your tulle wreath. I had already made mine for the last wreath for Valentine's Day, but here is how I did that: Cut several strips of tulle and start tying them around your form. I looped my strips of tulle twice around the form before tying a double knot. Make sure you tie them close together so there are no gaps. This will take awhile,  just so you know.

...and after what seems like forever:

2. Cut your bead necklaces in one spot so you get a long straight line of beads versus a loop. Then wrap the necklace around your wreath! I skipped every four knots of tulle in between my visible beads. 

3. Use your green ribbon to tie the St. Patty's sign to your wreath so it hangs in the middle! I broke the rainbow and pot off of my sign, I liked the sign without it better!

4. If you're like me, then you'll realize you don't like the wreath and it needs a little something extra.... so then wrap another St. Patty's day garland around the wreath, using floral wire to hold the little shamrocks in place. 

dollar aisle at Target is the BEST for fun decorations

hang it and love it!


  1. that looks amazing! I'm jealous want one for my house!

  2. That turned out awesome. I love it!

  3. Oh my gosh this is amazing!! I am pinning this to make it for next year :)

  4. The tulle is so pretty! It would make a great wreath or decoration for a little girl's bday party or baby shower, too! Your St. Patty's Day wreath is so fun - good job :)

  5. Seriously, cutest wreath ever!! I love that!

  6. Cute & festive for the holiday! I love it! I also made a wreath but with burlap and not in tutu form haha they're pretty popular lately!

  7. So freaking cute. I didn't even pull out any of my St. Patrick's Day or Easter stuff this year they are to close together.

  8. This is sooo cute! Love it! I need to make a St. Patrick's Day wreath for my door.